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Comedic Reel 

DrAmatic REEL



"Metcalf South Memories"

A historic Mockumentary about the now "dead Mall" and final closing of the almost 50 year old Metcalf South Mall in Overland Park, KS.


Director W. David Keith, uses improv and humor to blend fiction and real storied tales about the previous employees, and mall patrons from the

1970's & 1980's considered the mall's best years. This satire animates the hilarious characters who have never moved on from their days at the mall.

Short Film

"Nun Over Par"

Denise is ready to take her holy vows, or is she? Following a surreal intervention, Denise engages in a journey of self discovery, and golf

Director & writer, C.Leigh Goldsmith brings profound messages to the screen through dreamlike and humorous storytelling. Film short: Duration (5 mins). This is an edited clip

New Media campaign

L'Desh Fresh is a fictitious bottled water company created by to raise awareness about unsanitary drinking water in developing nations. The L’Desh Fresh campaign features a viral marketing Web site, multiple eBay auctions and numerous social networking fan pages.

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